Origin & Legal Affiliation

Origin :
BNKS was founded in March 3, 1991 by Ma Lung Ching to give women of Bolipara a voice and with the vision to improve the life and empower the indigenous women. A women’s group was formed of 20 members who came together to talk about the situation of Bolipara. The beginning programmes of BNKS worked with the Department of Women’s Welfare and Department of Youth Welfare to train Traditional Birth Attendants in safe and hygienic birth delivery.

BNKS appears as a NGO in July’1995 after getting registration from Department of Women Affairs.

In July 19, 2001 BNKS gets registration from NGOAB and keep continue serve the activities by partnership to achieve goal.

Legal Status:

  • Department of Women Affairs # MoBA/B.Ban/07/95 [view]
  • Bureau of NGO Affairs # 1656-19-08-2001 [View]