Administrative and Staff Management


                                  Questions YES NO Comments
Do all employees have a personal file containing all necessary documentation? YES   ·All documents of recruitment process Bio-data
·   All related academic and experience certificates
·   Leave related documents
·   Job Descriptions
·   Joining Letter
·   Offer Letter
·   Annual Appraisal
·   All official letter (personal)
Are working hours posted in the office? YES   Office time: 9:00am to 5:00 pm
Does the organisation have a system of follow-up presence, leaves, absence…? YES   Overall evidence follow up
Are personnel files archived according to a defined archiving plan? YES    
Does each employee have an ID card? YES    
Does the organisation have a medical policy for national employees? YES    


The steps in the disciplinary procedure:
If any staff violate the rules & norms the following is taken

  • Verbal warning
  • Show cause notice
  • Justification
  • Decision taken by management committee according to rules of punishment.