Organizational Structure

         Organization have three councils

1. General Council: the General Council is the all-powerful authority of the organization. This council shall elect the Executive Committee by convening a general meeting where members of the executive committee shall be elected. The general council reserves the rights to amend byelaws – make additions and deletions approve annual budget, control annual income and expenditure. The general council reserve the rights to bring no-confidence motion against the executive committee for instances of activities that go against the aims and objects of the organization.

2. Executive Council: this Council shall take up responsibilities for implementing the aims and objects of the organization, and take active measures and work independently for the development of the organization. This council shall be responsible for all the activities against the aims and objects of the organization. The Executive Council shall convene meetings monthly, on special and emergency situations. The tenure of this council shall be three (3) years.
the executive committee shall consists of the following 7 (seven) member team:

→ Chairman                                    1 member
→ Vice Chairman                            1
→ General Secretary                      1
→ Treasurer / Office secretary     1
→ Cultural secretary                      1
→ Members                                     2 members

3. Advisory Council: This council shall give advice to the Executive Council and establish links with national and international donor organizations and improve relationship for the multi sectoral development of the organization. The council shall take measures to bring the organization into a stable and normal condition when indiscipline is found inside the organization by approval of the majority of the general council members.


BNKS’s Organogram:

Executive Committee                                           Advisory Committee

Executive Director

Deputy Executive Director

                       Programme Director                                                  Finance Director

Programme Manager                     MEAL Manager                       Finance Manager                           Admin & HR Manager 


UO/PO/MO/TO/ SO/R&DO/TO       MEAL Officer                         Finance/ Accounts Officer           Procurement Officer

FO/US/FO/Driver                                                                                                                                          Messenger/Chief Janitor

Teacher/Field Facilitator/Supervisor                                                                                                        Janitor/Office Assistant/ Night Guard                                                                                                                                                              Support Staff/ Sweeper