The steps in the recruitment process:

  • Approval of Staff/s recruitment by Management Committee
  • Recruitment Committee takes effort according to recruitment policy
  • Job vacancies circular
  • Application registration
  • Application short listing
  • Inform for interviewing
  • Interview (Written and Viva test)
  • Selection complete
  • Selection list approval by Executive Director
  • Offer letter and Joining letter
  • MOU/Agreement

    FAQ on Recruitment:
                                  Questions YES NO Comments
Does the organisation use systematically jobs descriptions for recruitments? Yes
Are job vacancies automatically advertised both internally and externally? Yes
Are job vacancies spread on external diffusion channel? If yes, please precise which on “comments”. Yes Job vacancies are spread through circular in Local News Paper, Notice board, E-mail etc
Does the organisation have a reference procedure which sets out the recruitment process (various steps) and defining the role of responsibility of each person involved? If so, please attach the document. Yes
Are references systematically taken up? Yes
Are recruitment care formalised and archived (interviews reports, technical tests, reference report)? Yes
Does the organisation have an updated organisation chart? If so, please specify the update frequency. Yes